Hi, my name is Analia but everyone calls me Ana. I once read that

“if you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wonders”

… So I went travelling. And whilst travelling I discovered that the world has lots of colours, patterns, textures, flavours, smells and it opened my mind to creativity.

Becoming an Interior Designer was part of that journey. I found out that I could bring those colours, textures and patterns to live in everyone’s house and, like in every backpacker’s journey, stay within budget!

This job is my passion and I absolutely enjoy seeing client’s faces when their dream house comes to life and they finally realise that they can have the space, functionality, comfort and design they always wanted.

Today my job is mainly focused on residential design. To make it easy for my clients – and apart from the start to end Interior Design service – I designed packs which suits all needs: from a consultation time to discuss your needs and available solutions, to a full DIY pack for those who are thinking of venturing into a full renovation project on their own. The process is very simple: You can choose what you need and I will guide you throughout the process of designing a functional, comfortable and stylish room. I will give you tips and ideas to help you in the process of buying materials, furniture and décor. It’s a wonderful experience.

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